Kuwait Writers Club Open Mic Literary Night – The Wonders of Words


It is said that the pen is mightier than the sword, that fact was never clearer than yesterday at the Kuwait Writing Club’s Open Mic Literary night at the GUST.  The Cultural Club as well as the Riyadh Writers Club were performing as well (bedecked in red shoes, and women think guy’s do not notice such things)

A picture paints a thousand words, and yet however words fail to describe the soulful satisfaction that was delivered yesterday by the young performers, some of whom were aged 17! And with such talent, the sky is the limit.

Much like a delicate painting or spectacular sunset once captured on film lose a great deal of their zeal, so to would yesterday’s acts if one were to attempt to summarize them in words. No words can do it justice. You had to be there to hear the passion of the performers as the painted their elegant tapestry of vocabulary, selecting from a river of words to form a stream directly aimed at the audiences aural canals.

Much like standing before a famous piece of art, the euphoric effect of the performers words lulled the senses and transported each member of the audience to their own interpretation of what they heard. Some performers were able to recite their pieces verbatim, other’s read it from paper, with equal effect of captivation.

Several performances were worthy of mention, such as the integration of the process of life with the concept of the 7 deadly sins, the scorned lover (several, all women – hell hath no fury!), The poet who captured the essence of the 26 letters of the alphabet being used as a form of expression, a poem to the unborn daughter, the different meanings behind “Ink”. Several received a standing ovation, but most noteworthy were the Al Refai brothers.

Gentlemen, your poetry made me proud to be Muslim, and proud of Islam. I can sing you no greater praise than that.

Get these two a record deal and an music video, Pronto!

Of course, special mention has to go towards Hawr’a Khalfan, the orchestrator behind the event, the Mistress of Ceremonies, many a delightful laugh was shared as a result of her quick wit, and many a laugh I enjoyed at whispering “not yours, not yours” whenever a member of the Riyadh writing club graced the stage!

Words were used to smash stereotypes, words were used to break borders, words were used to change perception.

It is clear that the poetic gene is a fixed asset enjoyed by the femme’s as opposed to the homme’s!

It was an amazing evening and one feels blessed to have had the opportunity to sit before such a talented ensemble of writers.

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