Kuwaiti-Born Vs. Kuwait-Born – Know the Difference

There is such a thing as bad publicity, and Kuwait has had its fair share of such.

Starting with Zero Dark Thirty, the film covering the tactical take-down of nefarious OBL, Kuwait was portrayed as a wild-nights party haven.


The point: this kind of scene is not available in Kuwait.

Second, the man that lead the US to OBL was nicknamed Abu Ahmed Al-Kuwaiti.

The point: his real name was Ibrahim Saeed Ahmed, a Pakistani national born in Kuwait.

Ergo, it became important to differentiate between “Kuwait-Born” and “Kuwaiti-Born”, the former being anyone born in Kuwait, the latter being Kuwaiti nationals at birth.

Currently, the hype is all on Jihadi-John, aka Mohammed Emwazi, who is currently being billed as “Kuwaiti-born”.

To set the record straight, Emwazi has no ties to the Kuwait nationality except being born here to stateless parents, who were later discovered to be Iraqi’s who had torn up their passports, who ended up leaving Kuwait after the Iraq invasion as the father was a police officer who’s loyalty came into question after the war.

They became naturalized British Citizens.

Kuwait is NOT a breeding ground for terrorists, as the media would have people believe, thanks to monikers such as “Kuwaiti-born”.

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