Kuwaiti rental black market

There is a special place in hell for architects, haris’s and tenants that live in Kuwait. The first group deserve to be roasted whole-sale, the middle group on a selective basis and the latter on an extremely selective basis. But to hell with all of them nonetheless.

The reason for our LONG hiatus from the blogosphere is quite simple; Lord Aymz is now a married man. Queue in the congratulations and the cries and tears of all the single ladies out there (lol, j/k).

Now I am faced with a new challenge; finding a rentable location that is decent in Kuwait.

In case you have not noticed, rents have skyrocketed. The average rate in the areas of Hawally, Jabriya and Salmiya starts at 350KD. What is worse is that these “super deluxe” apartments are anything BUT! Unless the intended occupants at the time of design were a family of midgets, the two bedroom apartments are barely big enough to sustain a single person ,much less a “family”. The rooms are barely big enough for a twin bed and a closet, the bare minimum required in a room.

And for that I curse the engineers that designed these hell-holes. For some reason, balconies and bathtubs have been deemed luxuries that expats do not deserve and hence have been annexed from all new buildings. What’s next? Toilets?

Second; assume you are moving in to a building where someone is moving out. Not only is the rent increased on you, but the haris expects a gratuity. And for that I damn them to hell as well.

Now last but not least it’s the actual previous tenants! The former occupants, who in all blatant foolery demand a “leavers fee”, under the guise of selling their useless furniture to you. Some ask for humane amounts, 300-400, but then you find the one gem asking for not 1, or 2, or 3, but 4,000KD to vacate!

And so the search continues.

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