Kuwaiti Woman Hunts Filipina Mom – seriously Arab Times? Calling out to Evangeline D. Reginaldo

A title is all you need to capture the attention of a reader. More often than not, that title is used as a form of slapstick intrigue, compelling the reader to click and see what is the matter.

Only this time, the title used is a far-cry from the actual story.

Kuwaiti Woman Hunts Filipina Mom (link)

Female Hunter

At first glance, this reads as a tale of vengeance of retribution. A Kuwaiti woman hunting a Filipina Mom who offended her in some way.

However the reality is much more heart warming, tear jerking and endearing.

The actual story pertains to a Kuwaiti woman (now 21, married with a son), born to a Filipina mother, whose father divorced and sent away, and for the past 12 years believed her mother to be deceased, only to discover that her father had lied to her. Her father passed away in 2011, and she is now seeking to be reunited with her birth mother, who may or may not be alive, and may or may not be in the Philippines.

You can read the full story through the link mentioned above, but in all seriousness, the writers over at Arab Times need to get their titles straight.

The word “hunt” carries a negative connotation, at first glance. According to the Oxford dictionary, the first definition is pursue and kill (a wild animal) for sport or food; whereas the second definition is search determinedly for someone or something.

Now, we have established that the Kuwaiti woman is searching determinedly, however for who? Why? What happened? A simple “For Her” would have immediately jerked the heart strings of all readers into wanting to know more, as opposed to feeling dread as to what this Filipina mother must have done to this Kuwaiti woman to incite her to hunt her down.

Our thoughts, prayers and well wishes go out to Fatima, we hope you find your mother, your son’s grandmother.

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