Kuwaitis heading back to the Barracks after 20 years

Drive around Kuwait and you are most likely to find most guys have the Big Guns Army Salute sticker on the back of their cars (if they have not been fined for having stickers yet!) although they have never seen a day in the life of a soldier, save of course for Saving Private Ryan, Fury and the long list of other war movies.

That is set to change, as The National Assembly yesterday passed a law requiring Kuwaiti men when they reach the age of 18 to undergo compulsory military service for one year and remain members of a reserve army until the age of 45.

The law, approved by 41 MPs and opposed by eight, will be applied after two years and stipulates a two-year jail term for those who prevent or evade draft. This will be the first time Kuwait reintroduces military service after stopping it for more than 20 years. (Link)

MPs passed a non-binding recommendation to exempt Kuwaitis employed in the private sector from military service in order to encourage citizens to seek employment away from the overcrowded government.

The events in Yemen, follow ups to the actions taking place to the North, have shown that the Gulf Region is now sitting precariously on the edge of a conflict that has existed in the region for decades. Now unfortunately it is closer to us than we care to admit.

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