Kuwait’s Busy Schedule & The Upcoming @RunQ8Official 10KM!

Kuwait is a small country, so small we rarely get to enjoy good outdoor events except when the weather becomes humanly tolerable. So why is it, dear organizers of such events, that in the nice window of opportunity from Early October to April, can we not find a unique day in which to call our own, and space out our events in order to ensure everyone, everywhere can attend everything should they so choose?

I am talking about the 25th of October 2014 (last saturday), two sports events were slated for that date:

1) The Flying Start Triathlon



I noticed on some websites it has been dubbed the McDonald’s Flying Start Triathlon??



You might as well have Jack Daniel’s sponsoring the next AA meeting!

However, I digress…

2) The bi-annual Radisson Blu 3K fun run… which has now become saturated with young runners who run on the international scale.

Please organizers, we get very few events in the Kuwait Calendar, please take the proper cautionary measures to ensure these mixups do not happen as we very rarely have sports events in Kuwait (weather permitting) and would definitely love to try EVERYTHING AVAILABLE!

Speaking of which, runners rejoice! we are counting down to Nov 29th for the Annual RunQ8 charity run!



Unlike other organizers, this event is strictly for Charity, so you’re registration fees are going to a good cause. In addition, you get what you paid for and then some in terms of excellent administration and participation! So what are you waiting for? Go and register NOW (link).

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