Kuwait’s Deadliest Traffic Accidents – Not for the Faint of Heart

Let us dispense with the pleasantries, as there are no pleasantries in what you are about to see.

As the whole of Kuwait’s attention is focused on the fall out of the Kim Kardashian visit to The Avenues, with all blogs buzzing and parroting posts about how great it was to meet her etc. the following is still happening in Kuwait:


You are allowed a minute to decipher what it is you are seeing exactly. Not clear? How about another angle?


Still at a loss for what the above pictures are alluding to? Here’s a few more angles for your viewing (dis)pleasure:


Could it possibly be a can of sardines?


This is, or more correctly was, a Toyota Camry. One is desperate for any explanation as to how a car, that ways in excess of a ton, can possibly be bent in such a way as this:


My only explanation is that the car flipped on its side as a result of taking a turn too fast, and was rammed in its underbelly by an equally speedy as well as larger vehicle. Either that or it took a nose dive off a bridge and landed face first on the unforgiving road below.


The end result? This artistic impression of what a vehicle would look like, according to Picasso’s abstract impressionism.

For those of you who have not noticed, Kuwait is slowly but surely, despite its rather small population, climbing up the ladder of highest car fatalities in the world according to this article (link to an actual news site, not another blog, FYI bloggers) which states the following:

“… Kuwait has broken the world record in traffic deaths, with 17 deaths recorded in every 100,000 cases on the average. He stressed Kuwaiti roads have the capacity to accommodate about 700,000 vehicles and almost 1.6 million vehicles ply the roads.


Poor Autobot…

What is the Ministry of Interior doing, in the face of such calamity? Those that are observant will have noticed that on all major roads, 3 poles are being erected, one to house a two-way camera (middle) and on either side the average speed camera’s.

Unfortunately, this is not enough. This is merely a means of Corrective actions as opposed to preventive. Sure, these camera’s will catch you in the act of speeding, and sure they will double the fines for speeding, but will that prevent the speeder from careening into innocent bystanders?



Twisted Metal  – hideous consequences

A word to those that speed, and tailgate (a.k.a ass-sniff), who in God’s name do you think you are? What kind of superiority complex do you have that leads you to believe you own the streets, or are entitled to speed amongst others?


10 points to whoever can guess what kind of car this USED to be

You see that car driving infront of you? It’s a woman, a mother, driving carefully to get home to her infant child after a hard day of work. That man on the side? He’s going to pick up his kids from school. That person in the far left, they are going to the hospital to visit their ailing relatives.


All banged up

Everyone is on the road for a reason. Yours does not trump theirs. If you seek to end your life then by all means, have the courage to not put others at risk of your stupidity.


All Damaged, all the Time

Kuwait needs to impose a law whereby those that are responsible for damage that leaves a car unfit for resale should be banned from driving for a prolonged period of time, and would need to retake the drivers test.

A car is an amazing contraption meant to shorten the time it takes to cover great distances.

When Ford invented the first Model-T however, he never envisioned it would cover the greatest distance of all, from life to death.

Slow down, for everyone’s sake and especially your own.

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