Kuwait’s Fireworks Display – Multiple Videos (HD)

(The followings vids are NOT on Youtube, shared thru my Facebook)

Yesterday was a day of celebration in Kuwait – 50 years since the Constitution.

To celebrate this joyous occasion, the State decreed to perform a stunt never before witnessed, and with it gain entry into the annals of history with the biggest fireworks display.  KD 4 Million worth.

Being naturally averse to traffic, I celebrated this occasion by walking from Hawally to Zone 7 on the Gulf Road and back home again.

The best seats in the house were on the rocks, with everyone sharing a stone seat. The evening was peppered with entertaining anecdotes from the children seated behind me, one of whom dropped his Blackberry in the recesses of the stones, never to be reached again, whilst his sister wondered aloud what it would be like to ride atop a “sharraqi” (fireworks in Kuwaiti dialect), umm, it would probably be a very colorful, and brief, death.

It would have been more amazing if the fireworks were synced to tell the story of Kuwait’s history, as at one point, the quick explosive orange fireworks resembled gunfire i.e. the Gulf War, and given the music that was playing, it would have made for a very theatrical production. That might have been the case, I know not.

Funny excerpt from Facebook:

Q8: “It’s the 50th anniversary of our constitution!”
Expats: “That’s nice. So, what are you going to do to celebrate and honor democracy?”
Q8: “Fireworks!!!”
Expats: “Ok, but what else?”
Q8: “It’s 4 million KD worth of fireworks (15 million US) that will last for 67 minutes!!!”
Expats: “Neat, so you must be planning to invest back into the country as well if your spending that money on fireworks. You know like infrastructure and repair to completed projects.”
Q8: “Yella, fireworks! It will break Guinness world records!”
Expats: “That’s nice. But what about parks with broken slides, streets with no sidewalks, and trash everywhere? What about celebrating democracy by creating more safe houses for abused domestic workers?”
Q8: *…running in circle, jumping up and down and clapping hands*


Last but not least, stills of the event. Granted, I do not have the BEST camera in the world, but I think it sufficed, don’t you?

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