Kuwait’s Freestyle Football Championship Finale!

Freestyle Football – as if regular football was not difficult enough!

Kuwaits Freestyle Football!

This past Friday Marina Crescent laid witness to a spectacular treat of breath-taking proportion – that of the crowning of Kuwait’s Freestyle Football champion before the eyes of current World Champion Andrew Henderson & Guiness World Record Holder Laura Biondo, who would further add to the evening festivities by smashing her own previous world record in our very own Kuwait!

If a picture paints a thousand words, then get ready for a mouthful!

The evenings opening festivity, a spectacular showing by the champions:

The first semi-final match between Karam & Armand Kourji

Laura smashing her previous Guiness World Record!

Andrew Henderson attempts to smash Guiness World Record:

The finals between Karam & Abdul Wahab Al Outaybi:

An extra 30 seconds on the clock!

And the winner is:


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