Kuwait’s Gaelic Football Team

This past weekend I had the tremendous honor of being a part of the Gulf Gaelic Games, representing Kuwait in the sport known as Gaelic football.

What is gaelic football you ask?

Had you asked me this question a few months earlier, I would not have been able to answer. Now, it is what I swear by.

The team is still in development, we had only been training for a few weeks prior to the competition, but that did not stop us from heading out to Dubai (on our own dime mind you) and having a great time.

Thats me, the Red BandIT

Despite being at a severe disadvantage of having only one substitute, the guys went out and gave it their all. We may not have won, but we came close to victory and surpassed our wildest expectations, being recent additions to the sport, the main objective was to have a great time and that we did, they were competitive on the field and friendly off it, mixing with various teams, guys and girls, from all across the middle east, and even from as far away as South Africa (can’t nobody party like the SAFers too!)
As we regroup and rethink ways to enhance the team, I would like to take this opportunity to send out a request, to any and all sportsmen, young and old, if you want to try a new sport, then this is the sport for you.
As you can see, it is 60% football, so it should slide well with almost everyone who grew up in Kuwait.

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