Kuwaits latest, and soon to be greatest, blog of all time, MyBloogle

To con a phrase from Hollywood, the rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated!


from the ashes of iBlooogle shall arise a new blog, soaring to greater heights. Ladies & Gentlemen, MyBloogle.

Those of you who are familiar with my works, iBlooogle specifically, will know that I have been teasing the death of iBlooogle since last month. It was never my intention to stop blogging, I feel terrible for the readers who commented, or emailed me, or tweeted to me, about their displeasure over my rash decision. It was all part of a ploy, a Kansas City Shuffle, where I made everyone look left, and I went right.

Blogging is not something I take lightly, it is my greatest pleasure, my pastime, my hobby. It is the readership that I have garnered, that propels me forward.

Without further ado, I wish to thank the following people for taking the time out of their lives to inform me of the error of my decision:

The Anonymous Artist who helped me pull this Kansas City Shuffle. You are my compadre in this!

Purple Moonbeam (link) a blogger who is an inspiration, and full of amazing ideas.

Lost B2amreeka (link) my soul sister!

Sumaiah (link) my second soul sister!

BeRo0Q8 (link) another charming twitter-blogger friend 😀

Now, as evidence of my resolve to aspire to new heights, I have started this, my own domain.

As with the launch of iBlooogle, it was pre-emptive, a reaction to an event in my life. This is a soft launch, there are still many bugs I wish to iron out and fix, so please bear with me and help me by commenting on what you like, what you dont like, what you wish to see changed, what you wish to see differently.

 As for now, blogging is in my blood, and it has not been flowing since the message I posted on July (here).

And now, dear readers, allow me to take you on a journey, a journey of self discovery, full of wisdom and laughter, advice and mirth.

Let us soar to greater heights!

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