Kuwait’s Latest Social Club

Running, Mankind's Oldest Sport

There is a New Social Club in the State of Kuwait, with a very simple message:

Just Jog Kuwait!

A Social Gathering to promote the art of jogging, and encorporate it into our daily lives, making us healthy, wealthy and wise.

Lets get one thing straight from the get-go, in no way am I a professional runner, I am merely a Jogging Enthusiast, and I believe deep down, every one is to.

From the days of Homo Sapien, Mankind has been on the Run. At first we ran to track our prey, in order to survive, and then we ran away from predators, who in turn wished to eat us to survive. In all this, Running remains the Most Ancient Sport EVER, but the current shift toward Gaming has left this sport barren.

I aim to change that.

Guys, Gals, all are Welcome

It is but a while ago that I had my epiphany, largelt in part to contributors; from the emails I received, messages, comments, tweets etc. regarding this issue.

I have decided to establish a totally no-strings-attached, free-as-air, Jogging Group in Kuwait.

Now, I know there are currently jogging/ walking groups in Kuwait, that meet on tuesday/wednesday near the HardRock Cafe. But this is different.

Being a business graduate, I have taken what is currently being offered in the market, enhanced it, repackaged it, and retargeted its market niche with this new concept.

Here is my vision:

Run for a better Life (not for your Life!)

It has been scientifically proven that jogging and exercise increase the average life-span.


What do you call this endeavor?

Of the names for this group of runners, joggers, walkers, that I am mulling over (subject to vote by members ofcourse):

1)  Q8 Foot Soldiers (highly recommended as my Dear Anonymous Artist Friend has been kind enough to provide me with a logo)

The Running Foot Initiative

2) Joggers Anonymous Club Kuwait (aka J.A.C.K)

3) People for Activity Club Kuwait (aka P.A.C.K)

4) Promise Expats Activity in Kuwait (aka P.E.A.K)

5) Kuwait Footsteps (suggested by the alpha member who’s msg served as my calling to this)

Be Number 1

What makes this Initiative different?

We will be using SportsTracker (a free app on all mobile platforms) to actively keep count of every step, and every calorie burnt, as a way for members to keep track of their progress. They can also post their activity to the groups dedicated page (here) to inspire others.

So, what else do you have to offer?

Taking a page out of the DBCK (Desert Biking Club of Kuwait), I noticed that the one thing that makes running/ jogging boring is the repititive scenery. The DBCK remedy this by planning weekly rides that cruise different parts of Kuwait. Which got me to thinking, Kuwait is actually a Jogger/Walker/Runner friendly country! Forget the weather for a minute, difficult I know but try. There are many residential areas with walkways specifically designed for walkers. There is an amazing one out near my old stomping ground, the New English School of Kuwait, where there are even some machines for those wishing to add a bit of muscle training.

Do you know all of these “places” that are “walker friendly” in Kuwait?

Well why don’t we ask the friendly people around Kuwait, the friendly readers of MyBloogle, the friendly followers on Twitter, to establish a Ghost-to-Ghost Hook up, (a concept I derived from reading the Three Investigators detective books as a child) which is alot less scary than it sounds.

This means that, people who live in areas where there are such walkways (I know of 4 in 4 different areas so far) will get in touch and tell the rest of the group where these walkways are, and then, on a given day of the week, all the joggers/runners will congregate in this area, run, walk, jog etc. at their own pace, with friends to keep them company, and after an hour or so, we all depart. Lifts can be easily arranged for those members without cars.

There is also a pipe-dream to use the track around Qadsia Sports Stadium in Maidan Hawally, the jury is still out on that one!

All in all, the keyword of this initiative is FREE. You do not have to spend a dime, all you do is put in the time!

Time to Change

Sounds interesting, What else?

The group can also begin sharing tips on keeping fit, exercises, recipes for healthy snacks etc.

Also, after the runs, we can indulge in a bit of cardio/ core training, in part thanks to the next item on the FAQ.

What do you offer in terms of free gifts?

All members will be given a DVD with exercises that can be done, pre or post running, to strengthen and condition the body further.

So the real question right now is, do you have what it takes?


What are you waiting for?

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