Kuwait’s Mohammad Al-Matar to Run 250K Marathon Des Sables 2012

Unless you have been living under a rock, it would be next to impossible for you to not be familiar with “The Rain Man” aka Captain Mohammad Al Matar.

One of the 6 elite runners who, last February,  partook in a journey of skill and determination, running the length of Kuwait from its northern borders all the way through to the south, a distance of roughly 245KM.

Captain Mohammad Al-Matar, fellow Taurus (same day to be exact), running coach and friend has been setting milestone after milestone in the running universe; in a short period of time he has completed distances worthy of a vehicles mileage meter. Now he hopes to add one more accolade to his already impressive running resume; The Marathon Des Sables.

Dubbed the hardest foot race on earth, and rightfully so, it is not for the faint of heart. a 250KM run through desert terrain, with the sun mercilessly beating down upon you.

Make no mistake, this is no small feat. The MDS has been known to claim lives before.

The race starts on April 6th and officially ends on the 16th.

Show your support for Kuwait’s participant, The Rain Man by encouraging him via Twitter (@Makaveli566)

You can also follow his progress in the toughest footrace on earth here.

Bib No. 344.

Go for the gold champ.

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