Kuwait’s Second Half Marathon

Hark all runners, joggers & sports enthusiasts! A half marathon took place yesterday, between the hours of 8:50pm till roughly 10:50pm.

The first half marathon in Kuwait (link) was a fabulous success; it took me 1hr54mins to complete it, and my legs were sore and stiff for three whole days afterward, however it was worth it!

Do not feel bad if you did not hear about it, for it was not advertised previously, it was not hosted by a running celebrity, nor was it a charity donation for a noble cause.

No. Yesterday’s Impromptu half marathon was a solo endeavor, a race between me and myself. And yes, I was successful at kicking my competitors behind.

There were no police cars to ensure the safety of the runner(s), no press, no water tables, no gatorade.

True, the last half marathon was run in the morning, where the temperature was relatively warmer, however this time, I was able to shave off 8 minutes from my previous time to come in at 1hr48m. (Total distance covered: 21.54Km, total time 1hr50m).

Some may wonder, why?

A personal challenge. Ever since the start of the year I have been advocating sports-tracker (link) as the app of choice for all runners to challenge themselves. It works on all platforms of hand held devices (except Blackberries) and gives you a detailed breakdown of avg speed, total distance, total time, top speed, chart breakdown etc. of your performance.

I noticed that ever since I started using this app back in January 2011, I had completed, up till yesterday, 349Km. So I thought to myself, why not make it 365Km, a Km for every day of the year, before the end of the year?

There would be no challenge in breaking down the 16K required into smaller pieces, so it was decided to take it in a single shot.

The race was not without its setbacks. Firstly my phones battery had died as I was dressed and ready to leave, delaying my run by about 30 mins, and causing me to constantly worry about whether or not the battery would last on a partial charge (I had already advertised I would do that run on Twitter & Facebook, so I could not postpone it).

On the way to the track where I decided to run, I slipped and hurt my left ankle (when you almost land on the side of your foot whilst walking, and now it feels sore) but kept on resiliently.

Soon as I got to my path, it took about 10~20mins for the GPS to pick up, and I was off.

Yesterday’s run was my best time yet, an average speed of 11.7Km/h, a top speed of 71Km/h, and the longest distance covered.

The reason behind this post is that many people believe they need training and conditioning to run a race, or preparation for a certain event in their lives, yesterdays run was a snap decision, spur of the moment, no warm ups, I’d eaten like a starved person earlier during the day (double whammie breakfast/ lunch at the office) and felt that it would affect my performance. They keep limiting their potential in order to feel prepared, when all the time, they are ready, they are just not willing to accept it, or are afraid to embrace it.

Yesterday’s run was dedicated to my running inspiration, my uncle, Tarek Nassar, who taught me a long time ago that running is the best sport, the best medicine.

It is also dedicated to the love of my life, Aurora, the goal toward which I will always be running, my True North, my Shining Star.

My legs are not as sore as they were on the day of the first 21K, which further beckons the point that we are always ready, to challenge ourselves, and excel.


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