Kuwait’s Second Ring Road-mance

Colloquially referred to as the “Love Street” of Kuwait, The Second Ring Road is more closely comparable to a soap-opera melo-drama rather than an actual road. You need only tune in via the Three screens available right there in your very own vehicle; The right & left side mirrors as well as the rear view.

More often than not, the show is right there being broadcast straight through your windshield. You catch a blushing group of women on the right, and to their immediate left is a group of guys in a car.

Seriously, when did road-mance replace real-live romance?

Then you have people like the poor sod who placed the letters below on street sign at the traffic light where the 2nd RR intersects with the 50 (the letters used to be pink earlier last year, but wear and tear have caused them to fade, although the message is still visible – I believe he refers to himself as 3asheg Arnouba)


A message to all love seeking guys on the road:

“Dear Full-of-yourself-Dude, please take your Road-meo act elsewhere, as I am anxious to get home!”

The problem with this method of “pick up” is that is literally “on the fly”, you have the guy trying to handle his muscle/ big car whilst showing off to his victim, I mean crush, I mean, wait, what do we call her exactly?

Not only are they brazenly unaware of the traffic jam they are causing as they attempt to exchange details with the other car, they drive in a reckless manner so as to get infront of the other car, putting everyone in the street at that point in time in apparent danger.

Love Street needs to be taken off the map, a stronger police presence will ensure that.

Cars are NOT objects of romance!

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