Kuwait’s Very Own Real Life Super Hero!

A hero is defined as “A man distinguished by exceptional courage and nobility and strength“, “a being of great strength and courage celebrated for bold exploits“.

Had I not borne witness to this event, I would not have believed it! However, it is true! Kuwait has it’s own version of a super hero!

(Disclaimer: This post will make more sense once I post my complaint to the Kuwait Municipality)

I live near a school that has unlawfully taken a huge chunk of the surrounding area and converted it into a private parking. Initially wanting to take photographs of this transgression (for previously mentioned post I am working on), however ended up receiving much more than I bargained for.

As I was returning from my evening stroll yesterday night, I happened across a stranger in need of assistance; for he was trapped in the school parking lot, cut off from the main roads with a long chain and huge padlocks like some belligerent animal.

(editors note: the parking lot was previously locked, then the municipality tore down the locks and for a while it was an open parking space, hence the stranger was not transgressing)

I felt for this stranger as the school’s actions had infuriated me. I pointed out to him where he could find the groundskeeper to complain to, but to no avail. They were sound asleep in their cot, or simply choosing to play oblivious to our cries for assistance.

As we walked back to the parking lot to see if anything could be done to escape, that is when we saw him.

At first glance, he was very nondescript. Average height, good build, short cropped hair. His only distinguishing mark was the giant sledgehammer at his side, much like the character Steel infamously portrayed in the 90’s by the giant Shaquille O’Neal.

I heard you're in a bind. I break binds.

Apparently, he had seen our distress at being unable to leave the parking lot and came to offer assistance.

More people gathered around as the leviathan swung his might hammer, like Thor harnessing the thunderous power of Mjolnir, smashing away at the chain’s that kept the car at bay.

Harnessing the Mighty powers of Mjolnir

Sparks flew as the hammer repeatedly made contact with the cold, hard, unrelenting steel. I made to reach for my camera to catch this wondrous act, however our camera-shy hero opted to not be photographed.

In the end, the padlock gave. As a gesture of good faith, the hammer-wielding-hero allowed me to take the remnants of the diabolical device used to ensnare hapless victims within the confines of the parking lot (photographed below).

And then he disappeared into the night.

Anyone can be a hero; they need not be bedecked in a colorful ensemble with their underwear over their trousers, or have any particularly keen super powers. By simply standing up for what they believe in, helping those in need, being the voice for those who long to be heard can every normal person be a super hero.

The padlock is huge but his will was greater

The padlock was huge but his will was greater

the padlock

In the end, this is what remained



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