Lauding the @OfficialKFSD

In this world, it is easy to lose objective of what we have to be thankful for, for example a quick response to an emergency situation by the emergency services, as what I just witnessed this morning.

My wife and I were leaving our building to head for work and we noticed a smoking car in the middle of the road. Passers by stared awkwardly and hurried away, whilst drivers took insane turns to avoid the fuming vehicle.

Shortly after, people started congregating around the soon to be inferno, some attempting to put it out with water and fire extinguishers. 

The bonnet began darkening and soon flames began erupting from beneath it, engulfing the entire engine. people frantically attempted in vain to put it out. 

I called the emergency number, and in 7- 10 minutes 3 KFSD vehicles were there, with two traffic police, shortly after an emergency police vehicle also came to pop open the bonnet and put out the flames.

All in all, 16 persons plus two emergency police.

Good response.

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