Lebanon Misunderstood

Ask anyone in the MENA region what Lebanon is most famous for, and the obvious answers after labneh tabouleh will always be: plastic surgery.

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In a country where it is rumored that most girl’s sweet 16 gifts are all expenses paid trips to the plastic surgeon, many a tale have been fabricated regarding the prominence of plastic surgery in Lebanon.

As it turns out, the true leader in plastic surgery in the region is not Lebanon at all; they did not even make the cut of top 10 most surgically enhanced countries in the world.

In this region, it is Iran, with rhinoplasty the surgery of choice, 37, 423 Iranians underwent nose surgery in 2013 alone.

Take a look at these statistics (link):


The countries were ranked based on the total number of procedures done during the year 2013, we added an extra flavor by showing the percentage of the total population that undergoes plastic surgery (both men and women).

As you can see, The US & Brazil hold their same positions as #1 & #2 respectively.

All in all, South America is the most surgically enhanced continent in the world, with a 50% representation in the top 10 list.




I think that much like you can get a credit rating from Banks to find out how someone’s credit score is, the same should be true for hospitals. It should be a prerequisite for women (and men) to get a clearance form from the Ministry of Health that they are “Genuine”.

You know, so that this does not happen (link).

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