Lebanon & Saudi Arabia top the list of Most Powerful Arabs in the World

Every year ArabBusiness.com releases its annual Arabian Power 500 list (link) which highlights the most Powerful Arabs in the world during that year.

Now most people would look at the list and just jump straight to the head poncho, numero uno, who unsurprisingly enough is none other than Prince Al Waleed Bin Talal.

However, given that data analysis is my game, I decided to look at the list with a birds-eye-view, and draw the following table after copy-pasting all the data onto Excel and then forming a pivot table:

Most Influential Arabs 2013

And there you have it ladies and gentlemen, to the untrained eye it would appear that Saudi Arabians are the Top in the Top 500 list, garnering 15% of the influential Arabs count. U.A.E comes in second, with Lebanon in 3rd place, Egypt in 4th and so on and so forth.

The countries mentioned in (brackets) are where the individual Arabian hails from, and the country next to that is where they currently reside (i.e. the location of the company which gave them prominence).

Therefore, a recount is required!

(add only the highlighted cells):


71 U.A.E nationals around the world


81 Lebanese Nationals around the world


Saudi Arabia

81 Saudi Arabian nationals around the world

In actual fact, Lebanon & Saudi Arabia are tied for first place, with 81 of their nationals in the Arabian Power 500. Saudi remains the land of opportunity for Saudi’s though!

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