Legally Running a Red light in Kuwait

With all the recent expat security measures taking place in Kuwait, the most frightful of all being deportation for traffic violation, expats are extremely concerned and averse to doing anything “questionable”, opting to rather walk beside the wall,  an Arabic proverb that may have lost meaning in translation much like “steer clear of danger and sing to it” (ابعد عن الشر وغنيله) than be arrested for jay walking.

Red Light

Not this expat!

One of my ultimate, all time favorite adrenaline rushes is running red lights. And I get away with it too.

No I do not have wasta.

However, when I say “running a red light” I literally mean, RUNNING a red light; as in on foot!

Just call me The Flash!

Just call me The Flash!

Just the other day whilst partaking in my usual 23KM run covering the 40, the 3rd Ring Road, The Gulf Road, Maidan Hawally and finally 4th Ring Road all the way back home.

Yes it did so happen that at that particular intersection of Tunis St. with the 4th Ring Road, as I proceeded to run the red signal on foot, that I heard, much to my dismay, a siren flare at the exact instant I crossed, which also happened to be the exact instant the “other” traffic light turned green. I looked to my right towards the oncoming traffic and the origin of the siren expecting the worst, after all expats have been deported for less!

Fortunately, it was an ambulance, and it flared the sirens to get people to move out of the way as the light had turned green.

Crisis averted.

However, that being said, do ensure you are safe when crossing a red signal on foot; rarely would a driver look anywhere except ahead when on the front line and seeing the green light. Most (myself included) floor the gas pedal and kick off with a gusto.

That being said, it still is an invigorating achievement to shoot for a turning light and cross before the devil knows you’re there.

Happy running!

And remember all, the Q8FootSoldiers (link) will be running their way to glory this Friday morning near Marina Crescent. The meeting point is the fountain close to Pizza Express, at 6:30am. All running levels welcome!

The FootSoldiers strut their stuff this month in Bazaar Magazine!

 And if you should so happen to be driving down the Gulf Road heading towards Jahra on an unsuspecting evening on a weekday, and come across the sight of a runner between the 3rd Ring Road all the way down to Marina Mall (sometimes) or Sha’ab Park (most of the times), do say hello them/me!

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