“Let it Rot” campaign against fishmongers a success in Kuwait

Kuwait is made up of a multitude of people of different nationalities, creeds, religions etc.

What happens when all these people decide to unite and say, “enough is enough”?

Well, their demands are met.

Case-in-point, last week a friend sent me a message regarding an initiative that was taking place in Kuwait entitled “let it rot” in response to fishmongers ridiculous rise in prices of their wares.

This message was sent via Whatsapp, it was mostly in Arabic detailing the prices of the fish per kilo etc. and how they were exorbitant. The plan was simple, for one week, everyone refuse to buy fish until appropriate remedial action is taken. Given the article posted on Arab Times (link) the campaign was a success, “The first positive result of the campaign was seen when the price of Zubaidi fish dropped from KD 15 per kilogram to less than KD 5”:

let it rot

Now how about a similar campaign for rents?

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