#LetsGoForward Mishref Run Review @ForwardInspire

Contrary to popular belief; the Mishref Run was not a disaster on narrow straights.

Most of the runners I spoke to declined to attend the race for fear of likely collisions occurring, given that the path is extremely narrow at the beginning. However, this fear never materialized into anything as there were no points during the race where runners collided together – whether registered or simply users of the path.

Timeliness had become a significant trait of the LGF events, with all events kicking off on time, in spite of the weather.

Pedestrian path decorum boils down to the individual runner, and not the organizer; runners can choose to exercise their peripheral perception and “allow” others to overtake them by a) not actively trying to block them or b) moving to either side to allow them to pass.

And now, the cons of the run:

1) Inadequate refreshments at finish line the North Desert Run had adequate supplies of protein bars for the runners after the race; this time however there were no protein bars, and the Quaker’s cookies available were long finished by the time the rest of the 8K runners had arrived.

2) Placement of bottles on refreshment stations picture the following as it occurred to me during the run; the runner ahead of you reaches to grab a water bottle. The water bottles are stacked in long rows, causing a few to careen and roll off the table. You as a runner suddenly find deathly obstacles before you that, if fate should have its way, can lead to a serious injury. This is why water is supposed to be handed to runners by volunteers, to avoid the occurrence of such.

 3) Awards runners take part in races for a variety of reasons, some enjoy competition, some enjoy the thrill of crossing the finish line. Some aim for the gold, top 3 and strive to achieve it. With it should come a prize. The prizes offered for the races have been a plaque in the majority of the cases, which causes some runners dismay. And as we have countlessly stated before, the 5K runners deserve their moment in the sun too. Given that there is a fee that goes towards the race, then it is natural to believe that prizes should be more inclusive as opposed to a simple plaque. If that is the case, then why are the 5K runners not offered a similar trophy, as I am sure the plaques do not require much time/ money to make.

Awards go to increasing competition, if the prizes are worthwhile, attendance could easily be multiplied.

The good folks at LGF should take a page out of the book of Radisson Blu hotel who never fail to put on a SPECTACULAR bi-annual 3K fun run. Did we mention its for… FREE? Yes, runners show up at 8AM and register, receive a bib #, board a bus (water provided) which takes them to Jumeirah Hotel where the race starts, run down the road back to Radisson Blu, enjoy a free breakfast buffet in addition to prizes given to 3 categories – Male, Female, Children, with medals and giveaways including dinners and cakes at the Radisson Blu restaurants. All this is FREE, and all of it is given for a 3K race, a distance that is looked over by LGF.

Asides from that, the races are getting progressively better, and it is nice to have a full race calendar for the cool months of the year, to meet up with friends and catch up with those you have not seen in a long time. For that reason, people will continue to show up at the races, but in order to get people to buy into the ideology of fitness for a living, you have to entice them with the proper reward; that way they will talk to their friend who will talk to their friend who will tell their neighbor to show up at the next event.

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