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The hassles of renewing the car registration are familiar to all, wherever there is a government procedure, you are bound to find red tape, scorn and feel obligated to invest vast amounts of time in order to bring that nightmare to an end (and sometimes Wasta too).

That is not the case now, as Kuwait has finally followed Qatar’s example and a private Registration renewal office is now available in Shuwaikh.

Now, if I had not seen the following with my own two eyes, I would not be talking about it. A friend of mine was recently renewing his registration and was made to jump through many hoops and hurdles for nothing more than the mediocre pleasure of the examining officer.

The previous day he was requested by one of the officers in the Shuwaikh DMV to change the engine oil (which, mind you he had already changed prior to visiting the DMV), he reluctantly agreed and went ahead and got the high end engine oil.

The next day he took me along for linguistic support, given that the officers do not speak English, and he does not speak Arabic. So, we went to visit the officers, the same one comes up, asks him to pop the hood, takes out the stick that measures the amount of oil in the engine, and now the following is an exact description of what happened next, try not to laugh:

the officer proceeds to run his index finger over the oil meter, then rubs it in between his thumb and index (checkings its viscosity). He then turns to my friend and says, again, change the oil. My friend attempted to mention in English that he had indeed changed the oil, and showed him the paper that said “change oil”. The officer was not amused, and asked what type of oil was used. My friend said it was Castrol, the officer says use Burqan. And then, the last quip he voiced was, take your money and go learn Arabic, which he said, in Arabic.

I mentioned to my friend after this that there was a new business in Shuwaikh that does everything for you, right down to fixing the car if it has any problems. So we went over there.


view from Ghazali Bridge


They charge you an extra 10KD but the atmosphere is very pleasant, the workers speak English, there is an air conditioned waiting area with tea, coffee, juice and water etc. Everything under one roof.

The car did require a valve change, but at least with these guys, there was more science to the methodology of testing, as opposed to the ol’ fingering the oil scheme.

They even print out the licence for you in the end and call you when it is ready.

They can be reached at:

24917727 /37/47



If you are coming from the fourth ring road, take the right turn into Shuwaikh after passing Lulu Hypermarket, where the Gulf Bank is, take a left at the first roundabout, head straight, you will find the Kuwait Flour Mills Bakery on your left, the inspection office is at the end of the road on the right.

Or, keep heading down fourth ring road after passing the mashatel on your left, do not go up the bridge, stay on the right as if you are heading towards the ghazali bridge, instead of going up the bridge, stay besides it, you will see the inspection office to your right.

They also offer a VIP service whereby they pick up your car and return it to you, available at the following number:




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