Live long and AYMSTRONG

Tuesday evening just got healthier!

Visionaries are those who etch the path for the rest to follow. They are the ones that climb the mountains and build the bridges for others to cross.

In that regard, Yousef Al-Qanai is a Visionary.

Having recently fulfilled his dream of securing a sponsorship from Nike (Ali Abdulwahab Sons & Co.) to represent not only the Nike brand, not only Kuwait, not only the Arab Nation but everyone who dared to dream, to aspire, in the Marathon Des Sables, a six-day marathon across the Sahara Desert in Morocco, Yousef is also giving back to the community.

Every tuesday.

Join his Weekly Workout by registering here.

Read a little bit more about previous Weekly Workouts here.

Let Twenty-One-One (the OFFICIAL Aymz descriptive term for the year 2011) be a year of healthy FUN.

FYI biologically speaking, our bodies will be more inclined to pass on this FREE weekly event, as the cold climate puts us all in a suspended hibernation mode, even worse, in an attempt to keep us warm, our body will be storing more fats. So we will get HEAVIER even if we eat the same normal rations, due to biology and lack of movement.

Sign up, and await further instructions.
Yousef will be there. Will YOU?
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