Living in Kuwait as an Expat

The life of a denizen is not a simple one.

In the end, we are all Children of the World

Expatriation is defined as Migration from a place (especially migration from your native country in order to settle in another). Kuwait is a country rich in expats resources, from all countries around the world, from all walks of life, of all races, creeds, religions, sizes etc.

That is the one thing I love most about Kuwait, living in Kuwait as an Expat has shown me that Kuwait is a country of samples, where on any given day, a short trip to the nearest mall is bound to have you in contact with expats from all corners of the globe.

Living in Kuwait as an Expat is not easy, nor is it as difficult or as boring as some make it out to be.

Expat life in Kuwait has changed considerably given the advent of Blogs & Social Media (not to be confused as me supporting social media, as you will see in future posts). For example, Expat-Blog’s Kuwait Forum (link) is a great place to mingle with expats from different countries or your very own country.

EEK! Magazine (link) is a weekly publication targeted specifically toward the Expat living in Kuwait, with snippets regarding Social Gatherings, yard sales, classes etc.

Not to mention the hundreds of blogs made by expats for expats living in Kuwait, detailing the daily life and trials of living in Kuwait as an Expat. It is these blogs that make the stay more comfortable, for they are at times tailor made to specific tastes, and are mostly a great source of useful information.

Ofcourse, there is a cost to living away from home, but hopefully, the tax-free life makes living in Kuwait as an Expat worthwhile.

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