Makkah Visit April 2012 (In Pictures)

To the spiritually inclined, a trip to Makkah (aka Mecca) is a time of pondering and self contemplation.

The real City that Never Sleeps, Makkah is temporary home to thousands upon thousands of visitors on a daily basis, round-the-clock, from business men to paupers, all walks and creeds of life unite around the Ka’aba every hour of the day for Umra.

Sadly though, the area surrounding the Harram has been heavily and severely commercialized into a high-end hotel sector, with a shopping mall and two perceivable Starbucks in the vicinity.

The road leading up towards the Harram is site to several street vendors hawking their wares, religious and other, to the plethora of visitors from different countries. I witnessed a radical change in demeanor as all of the sudden, the women scooped their wares into their sheets, slung them over their shoulders and, like a thief in the night, took flight down the road at rapid pace. We later heard the police sirens as their car pulled up into the road to drive the paupers away.

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