Male Molestation in Kuwait

I’ve been debating writing this over and over in my head since its occurrence last night, so here goes:

Yesterday I was out walking with my wife and her sisters. My first and foremost thought was I need to police dog them and keep circling them to keep em safe. Little did I realize I would be the one in need of protection.

A trip intended for Sports Direct on Tunis St. took an unexpected detour across the street. The ladies were getting their shopping on, and as I was in the market for a new pair of running shoes, I left them behind, crossed the street to Sports Direct, looked around, left and sat outside on their pavement waiting for the ladies to finish.


As I was flipping through my phone to keep myself entertained, I noted a pair of feet walking in front of me, they stopped, and turned towards me. I looked up and there was a portly man, balding, glasses, 5 O’clock shadow, green shirt, black jeans. He asked me where Al Bahar Center was.

Being the helpful person I am, I stood up and pointed to the big blue letters reading “AL BAHAR CENTER” down the street, clear as day, and said “see those blue lights? That is Al Bahar Center”. What happened next was, discomforting.

You know that hand gesture where you pull at your imaginary goatee? Arabic sign language for “I will show you later”, or “patience, I will pay you back soon”? Imagine that, but instead of pulling down you’re pulling outward, and instead of your chin its your chest area.

He then walked away and I spent a good 20-30 seconds wondering what the heck just happened. This stranger came up to me, asked for directions, when I pointed him the right way, he responds by groping my chest? As a man, I kept trying to figure out if I misread it, or why on earth it would happen.

I eyed the queer fellow down the street and saw him stop yet another stranger, and again ask for directions! I saw the hapless man also turn to the side and point toward Al Bahar Center, and this time, the creep just rubbed his arm up and down.

I walked up to the second person he asked for directions and asked him, did that guy ask you for Al Bahar Center? He said yes. I asked did he also touch you? He said yes, the guy seemed confused and out of his mind.

My greatest concern was what if he happens upon a group of children on the street? Scanning down towards him I noted that, given the lateness of the hour on a school nights, the streets were devoid of children. I discussed the matter further with the second direction giver and decided the direction seeker must be troubled. With nothing left to do, I turned around and left.

Now at this point, you are either having a jolly laugh at this predicament, or wondering what is with the exaggeration. Few might actually see my concern here.

What was I supposed to do?


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