Mall Joggers: The Latest Trend

Saturday evening the company I work for had an Iftar gathering.

Quick review of the restaurant: FYI, lack of selection in buffet, only 7 or so dishes, repeated on other side. The lasagna was amazing, the service top-notch, each table already receiving its salads and deserts. Also, there was no desert menu, i.e. no tiramisu (the bane of my existence). The other good thing is we were able to book a table on very short notice, as opposed to Burj Al-Hamam, who cancelled our reservation without informing us to “make room” for other guests. Apparently, Kuwaitization is not just in the public sector, its in the restaurants as well, but that is another tale, for another time. I digress.
Upon finishing our meal, and heading our separate ways, I decided to go with a colleague for a brisk walk in Mouhalab Center, the ship-shaped mall in Hawally.

We circled each floor twice or so, then moved to the top most floor, the one with all the spas, dental clinics, and health shops. I had never been up there myself. Hence my amazement at this sighting.

People were actually showing up, ladies in particular, dressed in walking gear, sneakers, tracksuits et all, to walk around! They came in throngs, not just one or two, meaning that it was a regular pass-time. I was there in my formal wear, so I could just as easily have been shopping/ eating.

If you refer to my previous posts, you will know that I am a health-junkie, I jog a weekly route of 12KM, having tried all times of day (yes, even 12pm) and finally settling on 5am on saturday mornings. Physics has taught us that, to every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Now, my theory is as follows, when we walk, or jog, or perform any exercise in hopes to shed a few pounds and get toned, we exert an effort, that effort which heats up the body, producing sweat and burning calories.

Walking around in a controlled temperature environment, walking, not running, will not serve a purpose, correct? Stop me if I am wrong. I am all for exercise, and people breaking the dreaded spell of the couch potato syndrome and actually getting out of the house to walk. But doesn’t walking around the mall, even if its for exercise, defeat the purpose of exercise?

I have also been told that this is not a rare occurence, but a growing trend, even far-hitting places such as The Avenues have their fair share of female walkers.

Side note: I am looking for a “running-mate” so-to-speak, someone who enjoys jogging as much as I do, to join me in a jog from the Kuwait towers to the Scientific center, a distance of 14KM I am told, yet I believe it might be more!

Any takers?

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