Mall Rats & Parking People

The strangest thing happened to me on my way to the Avenues…

If I hadn’t had a friend along for the ride, I would never have believed it.

I usually opt to park on the other side when heading for the Avenues, I am not a big fan of bumper-to-bumper traffic, and cruising for a parking spot, as you shall now see, is always cumbersome.

So, here I am, choosing to go ahead and park inside the parking lot near Avenues, I go up the first floor, nothing, go to the second, nothing, third… Ah third..

I am no expert, but I believe it is a universally accepted gesture that when a person is standing next to their car and not walking away from it, with the rear lights turned on and the engine humming, that said person is getting ready to embark on their homeward journey, right?

Well, these were a bunch of women trying to get their shopping bags into the trunk, along with a baby stroller, so as one of the women is fidgiting with the stroller, another one, waves at me to move along, signalling that they are not moving out.

I was not born yesterday, as I said, they were moving out! So I took the ramp to the upper level, turned off my lights, and went down the other side. Sure enough, a while later, maybe 10 mins or so, the women climb into the car (I counted 3 in total) and drive off!

Answering the question, how many women does it take to put a stroller in a car,, 3!

Don’t get me wrong, I am no bigot or sexist, on the contrary, I am an ardent follower of philogyny (admiration for women), but this was just plain weird!

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