Mankind Can Never be Satisfied; A Good Thing?

Given that it is Ramadan, a time of spiritual enlightenment, it seems opportune to reflect upon a very bold statement; that since the dawn of time, Mankind has proven to be impossible to Satisfy.

Our Beginning

Since the beginning of time, the days of Adam & Eve, Mankind was cursed with an insatiable appetite that proved his undoing.

The Garden of Eden was for all intents and purposes, Paradise, a place of complete bliss, delight and peace.

Was this not enough for Adam, father of all Mankind? A place of complete and utter Nirvana, is that not what we all strive to achieve?

No. It was not.

In the vastness of that Paradise, where he was given freedom to roam and go and do as he so desires, There was but a single condition, in all of this vast Paradise do not touch this Tree (in Islam the tree is not named, in Christianity, it is the Tree of Knowledge, and In Judaism, The Tree of Conscience). Despite this warning, Adam singled out that one Forbidden object as what is truly desirable and sought it hungrily, beyond logic, from which he tore the Apple that proved his undoing, and his banishment from Paradise to Earth.

It is in making an object Forbidden that it suddenly becomes desirable, curiosity and human nature prevailed over logic. Mankind will always succumb to this fatal flaw.

Does anyone ever wonder what would have been had that Apple never been consumed?

What more proof can one give that Mankind is Never Satisfied?

More scenario’s:

How often does one dream of living the Hollywood life? Of fame and fortunes beyond count, of endless travel and reckless abandon? And yet, how many Hollywood stars yearn for the simple life, away from the public eye? And how many have fallen victim to that lifestyle, spiralled out of control, with addictions and expensive habits that ultimately lead to their untimely death?

Overweight people wish to lose weight. Underweight people wish to gain weight.

Short people wish they were taller, Tall people wish they could find clothes their size.

Curly-haired persons wish for straighter hair, fair-haired persons wish they had curly hair.

And yet, in a way, it is understandable. For a life without trials and trebulations is not a life at all.

A life where one is given everything they desire, where nothing has to be earned, and there are no expectations, is a life unfulfilled. Case-in-Point, imagine you were a gamer, playing your favorite game, having to work hard every level to achieve stats that enable you to get better items etc. Now imagine if with a cheat-code, all those items would be given to you from the get-go, from stage one. How much fun will the game be then? How often will you play? Not much.

That is life. What makes life worth living is the sense of achievement you realise when you accomplish a goal, when you are able to get what you want because you worked hard for it.

It is the trials and tribulations of life, the striving for a better tomorrow, that separates Mankind from the Animal Kingdom. It is our goals that separate us from each other.

A wise friend once told me, that in the Savannah, A Lion wakes up wishing to be faster than the slowest Gazelle, and in the same Savannah, a Gazelle wakes up wishing to be faster than the fastest Lion.

Maybe Adam was right in taking that Apple, for want of something different.

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