Marina Beach Potential Shake Shacks

Possible Shake Shacks on Marina Beach could be a crushing blow to morality in the State of Kuwait!

This picture was taken last Friday:

lone tent on beach

For those of you engrossed by your appetites and under some false hope that this post is a prelude to some restaurant opening in Salmiya, forgive me but you are thoroughly mistaken.

If not for the title of this post (which I apologize is a bit of a pun and deceptive, but now that I have your attention, please bear with me for a moment) one would believe this tent is set in the middle of nowhere, which is, in my honest, non-boy-scout opinion, where tents are usually set.

The reality of the situation however, is that this is not a secluded, remote area, nor is it, in my own opinion, a prime location for setting up a tent, as it is directly on Marina Beach like so:

The beach in question is right smack in the middle of civilization

Privacy is a very important issue this day in age. It is almost impossible to guarantee 100% privacy.

Now that I have your attention with my cleverly witty title and opening paragraph, allow me to delve into the heart of the matter; Shake Shacks, or tents put up on Marina Beach that might lead to immoral behavior in public.

The reason I refer to them as such is simple; deductive reasoning and investigative bloggerism.

In a country where the following articles are emblazoned all over the daily newspapers:

Kuwaitis Caught With 3 Expat Girls Having ‘Fun’ On Beach (link)

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 26: 3  Police have arrested six people — three male Kuwaiti youths and three female teenagers — two Syrians and a bedoun — for committing immoral acts on a beach in Al-Zour, reports Al-Anba daily.
The six persons have been referred to the concerned authorities.
The daily added a Kuwaiti man who saw the immoral behavior alerted the Operations Department of the Ministry of Interior and police rushed to the spot and caught the ‘lovers’ in the act.

Two ‘Young Women’ Seen Making Love On Beach (link)

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 21: Two lesbians who were allegedly caught making love on a beach at Anjafah have been referred to the authorities for interrogation, reports Al-Rai daily.
According to security sources the arrest came when an unidentified woman witnessed an unusual behavior among the ‘young women’ and called the Operations Department of the Ministry of Interior.
However, when police rushed to the spot they did see the women sitting side by side but did not see anything unusual. However, when another person supported the testimony of the woman who had called police, the women were whisked away for interrogation.

15 Drunk Men, Girls Held In Raid On Spring Camps (link)

 KUWAIT CITY, Dec 4: Security operatives apprehended 15 drunken men with girls from three different spring camps belonging to a VIP in the Ahmadi desert area, reports Al-Anba daily.
Security sources said detectives from Ahmadi raided the camps when the Acting Assistant Undersecretary for Criminal Security Affairs Major General Ahmad Al-Khalifa received information about their activities. The culprits have since been referred to Public Prosecution.

What on earth would possess any person to pitch a tent up on a beach in the middle of a very cosmopolitan area?

I suspect foul play, at least, the potential for foul play.

Much like the wave breakers near the Hard Rock Cafe are being used as make-out points, so to can these inconspicuous tents.

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