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There is so much wrong with the blogosphere of Kuwait as of today, one would not know where to start.

How about how all blogs merely regurgitate the same news over and over in hopes of getting a few more “hits” and increasing the pay they get at the end of the month?

Or how about how very few blogs actually post original content, as opposed to jacking vids from Youtube or viral images, again in order to get a few more extra hits per month?

A friend of mine on Facebook recently told me that a video I had posted on Youtube had some how miraculously made its way to 248am. Now yes, it is on Youtube and hence has become public property, free for any to post etc.

Now under any other circumstances, I would be thrilled to have my mug plastered on 248am, especially since I had the foresight to scream out the name of my blog on my video. However two things agitated me about the incident:

1) the lack of professional courtesy when it comes to actually thanking the creator of the video for the video you posted to your website.

2) I had a run in with Mark a few months ago. For those of you that follow MyBloogle you would know of the incident at 360 where my female friend was viciously assaulted by 5 juveniles in the parking lot. What you may not know is that I had asked Mark to write about the issue, to help us find the culprits by requesting anyone with information to use the hashtag #FindThe5 with any form of media they might have taken, videos, pictures etc. since it is a well known fact that in Kuwait people take pictures first, try to help later, as was evident by the brutal stabbing of the Dentist Dr. Jaber in The Avenues Mall.

Mark refused, claimed I was “promoting a hashtag”, whatever the hell that means.

And this is what I do not like about the “big” blogs of Kuwait, they are ok with posting trivial content and bogus posts, regurgitating news etc. but when it comes to actually trying to make a difference, they take a backseat.

This is why I have stopped checking 248am, for a very long time, only coming across it again when my friend told me they had posted my video.

If it were up to me, I’d ask him to remove it, but since its public property, I cannot do that.

This is what is wrong with bloggers today, they are too concerned with trivial matters and disregard focusing on important issues, they no longer post original content and instead just scour the internet for an easy post, since the money rolls in either way, regardless of the effort they put in to writing, which at this point is zero.

And it is for that reason I no longer bother reading “established” blogs, as they are too lazy to provide me with anything worth reading.

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