Mass Car Thefts in Hawally Today

Grim news in the morning received via a colleague at the office; apparently there has been a string of car break-ins that took place in the Hawally Area (From the Farah Roundabout near KNES to the intersection with Beirut Street and the area to the left including Kurd Roundabout to Tunis St). The MO of the perpetrators has been the same, the small triangular pane in the doors on the back seats were smashed, the cars were forced open and ransacked in search of paper currency, coins and documents were tossed aside, havoc torn asunder inside as all documents were haphazardly strewn about.

These break-ins took place in the wee hours of the night, as this particular person became aware of it on their way to work at 6am this morning. They just stepped out of the police station a short while ago, some were referred to Maidan Hawally, forensics etc.

The Red Circled Area indicates the Vicinity of the Break-Ins

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