McDonald’s buys out Mercedes!

Only in Kuwait can such a rare spectacle in the business world occur, whereby a Multinational fastfood chain buys out a Multinational luxury brand automobile manufacturer.

Or in this case, their prime location in Salmiya!

Yes, many of us that grew up in Kuwait are familiar with “Old Salmiya” as being the first place we had to congregate and enjoy our time; whether it was at the pool tables of Monte Carlo or later, The Joker, which conveniently happens to be right across the street from the New McDonald’s location.


Proof of the area’s posh allure remains in the form of the Rolex outlet still visible in the picture above.


Sadly, where once one could go to stand and longingly glance at cars they could never afford, now one will stand and hungrily gaze at burgers easily affordable to everyone (unless you count ’em by the calories, then you cannot afford ’em!)


And there you have it folks; people would rather eat unhealthy than ride in luxury!

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