Medical Care Segregation in Kuwait to be expanded across Kuwait

When expats heard that Jahra hospital would be the first trial of a new concept of medical care segregation whereby expats would only be allowed to visit public health care during the evening, leaving the mornings open for Kuwaiti’s, it was thought that the idea would not stick.

However, Kuwait’s Health Minister has approved the segregation of expatriates and nationals at all public hospitals after the “successful” trial at Jahra Hospital.

The move is seen as favorable to Kuwaitis while reducing the level of care given to expats, who make up about two-thirds of the Gulf state’s population but would have fewer hours they could seek medical attention.

Staff also are segregated according to their nationality, with Kuwaitis working in the morning and expat doctors in the afternoon.


Despite the trial having been purported to last for 6 months, it has apparently received good reviews, and hastened the medical care segregation.

When expats renew their residencies, they pay 50KD for medical care; 1.9M expats, that makes KD9.5M.

Human Rights anyone?

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