Meeting Readers – Healers of Blog Writers Rut

To the Reader I met yesterday at Lakeland Marina Mall around 12PM – Thank you, you have renewed my writing vigor at a time when it was at an all time low.

It happened roughly after my 29th Birthday, on April 29th, I lost the will to write, so to speak. It was a period of self reflection that took us through to our present day (yesterday) where something quite unexpected, out of the ordinary, and much uplifting occurred.

As we all know, Kuwait is a small country. A Very Small Country. If you go to enough diversified events, you are bound to meet almost everyone and find out the strangest ways in which you are connected (not by cheating and checking friends in common on FB).

It was a regular day, my wife and I along with our friends were enjoying a morning at Marina. We passed by Lakeland to marvel at the copious amounts of utensils we never knew existed, and never knew we needed. Twas roughly around the time we were about to leave that a stranger came up to me and said, congratulations. First thought to my mind, I’ve been married for a year now, oh well, yay! I said thank you, we shook hands, he said you’re a blogger right. Second thought, he must have me confused with someone else, so I said, yes, I blog. He then goes, Mybloogle right? And at that moment I split a smile from ear-to-ear wide enough to be misconstrued with the joker from Batman:

"Hopefully it was not this creepy"

“Hopefully it was not this creepy”

This has served to reinvigorate my fountain of blog.

So, dear stranger, thank you for walking in to my life at the exact moment I needed you.

God bless.

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