Mentally Challenged Vs. Retarded – Know the Difference

Two words that seem similar but in fact are quite different: Mentally Challenged vs. Retarded.

In this day in age where words are used to hurt rather that help, to hinder rather than heal, it is very important to choose your words carefully, so as not to offend anyone.

Hence, allow me to explain the usage of the word “retarded” in my “Name & Shame” post yesterday, against people who park in handicapped zones.

“Retarded” on its own is a very derogatory term, and should not be used to describe people who are mentally challenged. Some of them go on to lead very fruitful lives, and are contributing members of society, despite their handicap. A handicap that they overcome, a challenge that they overcome. Therefore, they are not retarded. They are not handicapped, they are handicapable.

People who know the difference between right and wrong and yet choose to do wrong are retarded, such as those that park in spots designate for the handicapped.

As the following picture explains, this is the difference between mentally challenged and retarded:

Mentally Challenged Vs. Retarded

I believe the woman below is Snooki from the Jersey Shore.

I apologize to anyone who may have taken offense by my usage of the term yesterday, however, I meant no disrespect as I have the highest level of respect for the mentally challenged, and believe they have the ability to overcome those challenges. It is those who are not challenged that commit grievous breaches of morality that I have zero tolerance for.

A little understanding makes a huge difference.


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