Mobiles are made to be Broken #Samsung #Nokia #HTC #LG #iPhone

Consumerism and materialism have taken a heavy toll on the retail industry. Whereas once upon a time products were built to last, nowadays they made to fall apart in order to encourage consumers to rebuy, renew and release more money into corporate fat pockets.

Case in point, this lightbulb has been lit for 110 years (

However, let us take an object that has become indispensable from our lives and pockets; our mobile phones. Everyone remembers the good ol’ Nokia 3310, hard enough to crack a sidewalk if accidentally dropped. Battery life 7-14 days.

Take a look at today’s phones. My Samsung Galaxy S3 has a problem with its USB port; crucial for recharging, which I do on a daily basis. It is in need of repair, and by that I mean it has to be changed. I had to rely on my old phones for alarms to wake up in the morning – a Nokia N97 and HTC Desire HD. And here is what I realized, both these phones I had for prolonged periods of time, and yet both are fully operational and never once complained of inability to charge nor required anything more than a format to fix any issues with them.

We are truly living in an age where our worth is measured by our ability to feed corporate Globia with our hard earned cash in order to kill the idea of identity and satisfy the insatiable appetite of consumerism.

Is it possible to break the chain?

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