Modesty is a Dying Trait in Humanity

What ever happened to modestythe freedom from vanity and conceit, in today’s world?

Just as natural resources are dwindling slowly toward non-existence, so is modesty. It has become an extremely rare trait to come across, and once found it should be nurtured in such a way for it to spread contagiously to others.

In an age where the happenings all over the world are readily available at the press of a button, how is it possible to find people that care for no others except themselves?

Unfortunately, status and prestige has taken the upper hand, with an almost universal agreement that it is not how you are it is what you have that makes you desirable. CEOs reside in plush, expansive offices with the latest in high-end luxury. A joyous occasion such as attending a wedding in this country has become a nightmare for women as they are required to shelf enormous amounts of money for a dress that, much like they bride, they only get to wear once as it would be a cultural faux pas to be seen at any other wedding in the same dress (not that people make a habit of remembering, it is the drawbacks of photography).

Imagine a CEO like the Haruka Nishimatsu, now imagine what it would be like to work for him. A CEO that puts the needs of his employees before his own, as you will see for yourselves:

A car is a vehicle that transports you from point A to point B; despite this very basic requirement, many a person spend exorbitant amounts of money in order to have society perceive them as haute couture.

The world is starving and there are some individuals that take out loans to buy clothes or go on vacation. They cite that the world’s problems are not their concern. To an extent they are correct, however one always hoped that humanity would prevail over self interest. Sadly, it does not.

Making a statement has become more important than making an impact, it is the sad truth of the human condition.

May the world be graced with more persons such as Haruka Nishimatsu; we are in dire need of such visionary leaders.

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