More Residency Woes in Kuwait

This one however is not borne by the resident, unless their company makes them pay for their residency.

According to MOSAL (Ministry of Social Affairs & Labor), your residency renewal period cannot exceed the company’s commercial licence validity.

The company’s commercial licence is strategically placed near all entrances to the company and looks something like this:


Now if you look at the 2nd pink box from the left on the top, you’ll find an expiry date (in this case its 28/08/2014).

What this means is, if a person’s residency expires 28/12/13, it can only be renewed upto 28/08/2014.

Add to that woe, the company’s commercial registration can only be renewed 2 months before it expires. So going by the same example above, suppose a person’s residency expires 28/05/2014; it would only be renewed up to 28/08/2014 (i.e. 3 months) after which said employee would need another residency stamp.

If your company charges you for your residency (and yes, some companies DO do that), you’ll be doubly screwed.

Technically it makes sense; a company’s employee cannot have residency that exceeds the company’s commercial licence. However there is nothing which states that the company is responsible for any legal charges that arise against the employee should its licence expire close to their residency expiry.

We’ll have to wait and see what happens with this.

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