Morons & Lawsuits – Passenger sues Qatar Airways for “chronic pain and dysfunction”

This day in age the words “lawsuit” and “moronic” seem to go hand in hand. The real culprits however are the foolish judges and lawyers that accept such outrageous allegations and give them time in the first place. Just a few months ago a school in the UK banned triangle shaped flapjacks after, and I quote, “a boy was hit in the face by a flapjack”. (link)



The problem is that society now placates morons as opposed to punishing them for their moronic behavior.

These issues are no longer “a thing of the West”, the inane lawsuits such as the person that attempted to dry their dog in the microwave, the person that stood on the open fridge door to fix a light bulb and the infamous “hot McCoffee” incident; Qatar Airways is now no longer a stranger as they battle their own lawsuit over an injury sustained after a passenger was hit by a drinks trolley (link).

It gets funnier:

John Karatzaferis has filed a lawsuit against the Gulf carrier in the Victorian Supreme Court, claiming an existing injuring was seriously aggravated when a flight attendant hit him while pushing the cart along an aisle during a flight from Doha to Melbourne in August 2011.

He has since suffered “pain, tenderness and limitation of movement” in his left knee, in which he already suffered arthrosis (a degenerative disease of the joints), his claim says.

He now requires an operation to fix the “chronic pain and dysfunction”.

Everyone is after a quick buck, and none come quicker than a moronic lawsuit for punitive damages. At the very least, in order to preserve its image, a company is forced to settle out of court, not for the outrageous amounts but a substantially less, although quite substantial, amount.

Only one sentiment is shared for such parasites living in society:


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