Most Connected Gulf Country in terms of flights is…

We here in Kuwait are hot off holiday season, for those that remained and got soaked, we salute you.

But when it comes to travelling, which country fares best in terms of DIRECT flights out? i.e. which country in the Gulf is connected to the most countries around the world via their airport?

Here is the list we compiled based on Wikipedia reports. The more important number is Destination Countries (2nd column) because some airlines fly internal flights to local destinations (cities) such as Saudi Arabia:

Most Connected gulf Country

As you can see, Qatar tops the list.

We need whatever growth hormone was administered to Qatar Airport, as it has undergone HUGE changes since I was there last in 2012.

Kuwait Airways connects Kuwait to 24 countries.

The reason behind this analysis is, when travelling from Kuwait you need to factor in transit time, whereas from the countries of these respective airlines, the flights are direct, so transit time is minimized.

Sure would be great if Kuwait can top this list.

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