Motorcyclists have Sensitive Elbows in Kuwait

As you can see, the Helmet is clearly on his elbow, as opposed to his head

Transportation is a funny concept; an airplane is a metal tube suspended in mid-air thousands of meters up in the air, a car is a metal box in which you are encased as you travel at speeds of hundreds of kilometers per hour.

In a car, you are surrounded by airbags, giving as much guarantee as possibly can be given that the majority of the bones in your body shall be spared in case you are to be unfortunate enough to have an accident.

What of motorcycles?

Motorcycles provide you with a mere helmet, with which to cover your head. Every other bone in your body is on its own.

Personally, I do not like those odds.

Here on the Second Ring Road, a motorcyclist opts to protect his precious left elbow as opposed to his noggin.

Safety First.


He must be a pitcher for the Kuwait Baseball Team

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