Mumbai Bound – Day One

The stay started at 4:30am, heading toward the airport for a plane ride to Bahrain at 7am.

This trip is brought to you by GulfAir, the carrier of Bahrain. I was eager to try them out.

First test; inflight snackage/breakfast. Grade: Not Good. Qatar Airways give you a sandwich, here, I got a cupcake. At 7am I got a cupcake. Yay me.

No matter, figured they’d make it up later.

Bahrain Airport was nice, quaint, small, cozy. The items there caught my attention and on the return I will get Bahraini Dinars to spend there. However, there was something strange there, despite the wireless being available and free, it was only working near the gates on the far right corner, near Chili’s, Starbucks, Costa and the other coffee places.

It was funny to walk around looking at my phone discerning the limits of the wireless zone.

Now, despite giving GulfAir a second chance, I was thoroughly disappointed.

First off, the crew only apportioned 24 “non-veg” meals, lets do the math, I was sitting in row 21, lets assume there are 30 rows, 6 seats per row, thats 180 passengers. Only 24 meals out of 180, 13%.

To make matters worse, it was a boozer-fest. With people gulping down beer like theres no tomorrow. Whilst I am attempting to satisfy my carnivorous, voracious appetite, and denied, these people are getting watered down like hogs at a beauty show. One, after the other, after the other, and I get dirty looks for asking for an extra glass of juice or water.

And then we got to India.

Where you have to take a victory lap around the arrival area to find your apportioned chauffeur, and then the walk to the parking lot which smelled like a public toilet during rush hour.

Day one, down, Monday, the real work begins.

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