Muslim Vs. Moslem – Know the Difference

To the untrained ear, and eye, the two words are exactly the same, spoken in different dialects, in different countries around the world, to refer to the same creed of people, those who follow Islam. But are these words really the same?

                                                Muslim             &                     Moslem

However, in reality this could not be farther from the truth. In pronounciation, these two words are polar opposites, literally, light and dark.

Lets take the first pronunciation; Muslim, from the arabic مسلم derived from سلام (salam) meaning Peace, so a person who is a muslim, is peaceful.

Now, the second pronunciation, more popular in the USA, with an emphasis on the “OS” makes the word sound like مظلم which literally translates to Darkness, or also a person who does harm to others.

Copy and paste the arabic words into google translate to get the difference.

A syllabic twist, makes a beautiful word into something ugly.

The same word, pronounced differently, has a world of different meaning.

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