My Sordid Love Affair

Although my heart belongs to an Angel whom I adore like no other (to whom I am also engaged) I am guilty of the one unforgivable sin – I am having an affair.

It started off casually, as most affairs often do. I would rendezvous with my mistress on a weekly basis, sometimes during the week, but mostly during weekends, our encounters would last for almost an hour and a half.

As of late my need for her approval has grown, and I joined others who likewise have succumbed to their temptation.

Yes, I have had to make several excuses so as to escape from my belle and indulge in these wanton acts of lust and passion. I would make excuses that I need to go away for an hour or so, that there is something important I must do, that I must run an errand, or that a friend needs my help. The lies have compiled, a tangled web of deceit woven by me to pull a cover over the eyes of my beloved.

My family did not approve, they warned me that it will slowly but surely damage me in the coming years. But I do not heed their warning, and it falls on deaf ears. Too consumed by the passion, to enamored by the bliss, I carry forward, the self destruction a passing thought.

It took me a while to come to terms with this grave breach of morals, but in the end, I can hide it no longer. This activity is when I feel most alive, and it fills me with the same content and blissful whimsy that my wife-to-be does.

I can almost see it now, in a year or so’s time, as my wife and I sit lovingly in our cozy house, I would look to her, gaze into her loving brown eyes, and feint an excuse so as to leave, having prepared my “kit” earlier, and then set out to indulge in my vice.

My second passion.

To further put myself out in the open, in an effort of self flagellation,  here are a few photographs of us “in the act”, not for the faint of heart:

Yes ladies and gentlemen, it is true, Running is my mistress, my second wife.

I <3 Jogging

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