MyBloogle: A Year of Personal Achievement

What has this year taught us? First and foremost, to be thankful for every cherished moment.

Tis the second Birthday of MyBloogle, and many thank you’s are in order.

(please ignore the image)

This post deserves more thought and dedications, especially to all who helped make this possible with their constant (almost bickering) grammatical corrections and highly needed motivation. However, given the time (12:45am) and the thought of work tomorrow, it is best to do this post “shoot style” and just speak from the heart.

This year has seen (me) the writer expand into more printed forms of media, where I was given an opportunity to talk of my experiences doing what I love to do; I spoke of my running group (link), I spoke of my first ever attempt at stand up comedy (link) (and also the video for those that haven’t seen it)

I even did my first interview (link), the rest of my printed achievements can be found (here), many thanks to Bazaar Magazine for giving me the opportunity to do so.

All these achievements could not have been possible without the continued support of a special group of friends who make up the majority of the Q8FootSoldiers. We were united through being the “6alabat Runners” and have since grown to be a rag-tag band of misfits-come-family. Without them my life would be plain, bland and a lot less extraordinary, so from the bottom of my heart I thank you (you know who you are!)

Just flip through the photographs (here) and spot the most recurring bunch, that is them.

Adam, AymanX2, Cris, Gigi, Nabeela, Noor, Sara, Vandana & Zainab (in alphabetical order!), thank you.

There is also an incident I forgot to mention that took place after the infamous Gangnam Style Dance after the Kuwait Charity Run this past November.

As I went to stand with a friend, who was standing with his friend, she asked if I were the writer of the blog with the “well written English” (thank you Wadha!)

I also wish to thank everyone that takes the time to write something in the “about me” section (link) and urge all to do the same, positive or negative, your thoughts matter, so do be outspoken about them 🙂

There have been many changes in my life, some shared through MyBloogle, others shared with a close circle of friends over a picnic, others yet to see the lights of the edit as they continue to roam about the catacombs of my mind, not finding the time to slip through my fingers and onto a page of white. Personally and professionally, it has been a journey of self discovery, with a lot more still to come. As always, we promise, the best is yet to come.

It has been a humbling journey and it is far from over, onward and upward as they say!

Once more, thank you.

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