MyBloogle brings you the Live Action Bungy Jump Cam! @BungeeKW

Bungy jumping is an amazing thrill. It embodies several traits we all strive to achieve, fearlessness, craziness, reckless behavior etc.

When I found out that Kuwait would be having its very own bungy jumping event, I was ticked off that I would be missing it, however, due to certain events, I was able to have my cake and eat it too, by being able to attend the event. I was lucky enough to score a ticket (even though I was under the impression the event was FREE) prior to the start for 10KD as opposed to the 20KD they were charging on the day of the event.

Now, I had already bungy jumped twice before in Thailand, but that was 4 years ago.

To anyone that thinks it is easy to jump from that distance, I would like to point out that on the day of my jump, there was a reporter from KTV1 that froze at the top, and after wasting 15 minutes of people’s precious time, was lowered down to the ground to walk away. That could be why KTV1 is losing viewership, its reporters are not willing to push the envelope. Heck, just give me a mic and i’ll jump every day! I’m willing to jump out of a plane too.

So, as I geared up for my jump, with friends at the ready to document my leap of faith, a few more people jumped ahead of me. Finally, it was my turn.

As I had tried jumping face first, I wanted to try diving back first, like Nicholas Cage in City of Angels as he fell of the skyscraper to become human. I told the crew below and they helped me out. As we ascended, and only for a millisecond, I wondered whether I was too high above the ground and for a microsecond, I dreaded the jump.

But only for a microsecond.

Then the guy at the top asked me to lean back and tuck my chin in, as you will see in the video coming up.

The result? Euphoric bliss.

I suggest everyone try it, there is nothing quite like the beauty of free fall, and the recoil as the rope tautens and brings you up again, only for gravity to pull you back down.

This was the video my friend shot (thank you Adam!) along with awesome commentary (link):

And these are the stills as captured by my good friend Mr. Cristian Craita:

And finally, this video was captured by yours truly, a live action cam straight from the top, to the bottom, and back up, and back down, you get the picture:

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