MyBloogle Milestone – Thank You All

We would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of YOU.

This is not your average blog in Kuwait, and as of yesterday, MyBloogle has reached a milestone of over 100,000 reads in under a year.

We thank everyone that has made this possible; our local audience in Kuwait especially (as well as everyone from all corners of the globe that has tuned in, except bots, and spammers!), from Twitter Birds (and yes, they are in fact Birdettes) to Facebook friends, to Botomba subscribers etc. Everyone that has ventured forward and clicked a link to read what was written here, we thank you.

The reason I do so is because through your continued support, I have discovered a side of me I never knew existed, the writer within, so for that discovery, I thank you.

Special mention goes to those that retweet what they liked reading, as well as those who commented, either in the comments section or via Twitter, as it is always a pleasure to get feedback.

Extra special mention goes to those that have taken the time to help animate the page of MyBloogle, either by providing our snazzy new logo (we’re looking at you @ccraitza and your amazing talent and endurance on the track!) as well as our resident photo-maker (she know’s who she is).

For the next 100,000 reads we strive to remain as ever vigilant when it comes to news in Kuwait that piques our interest (not merely restaurant openings and saloon offers etc), to offer advice to expats both in and arriving to Kuwait on the general order of things, and of course, the readings, the creative writings.

To everyone that has returned to read more, once again, we thank you and we promise never to disappoint in terms of serving our initial plan of entertaining you.

Be on the look out for more segments to come, including a wacky business humor for the office droned workers (such as myself) and the trials we face on a daily basis.

In closing:

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