MyBloogle ushering in 2012 with a Gift

The New Year is fast approaching, and pretty soon, 2011 will be but a dot in the background as we strive toward the horizon, a faint, distant memory on the highway of life.

What if the Mayans were right?

It is that time of year of reflection, where one has a sit-down with themselves to air out what has transpired over the past year, how one would rate themselves, how they’ve bettered themselves, and a few goals for the future.

The thinker reflects...

First off, we would like to start by thanking the regular readers of MyBloogle, you know who you are, as do I, and without you none of this would have been possible. Also would like to thank the habitual readers of the blog, and heres hoping you turn into regulars too!

So much has happened in 2011 that it will always be looked at fondly through my eyes, I’ve initiated the steps necessary to spend my life with the woman I love, I’ve broken into printed media, the blog is doing well, feeling healthy etc.

Now, we have a surprise for the readers of MyBloogle.

After months, and months, of painstaking negotiations, calls back and forth between reps and what-not, cancellations et all, we were able to finally ink a long-term contract with a soon-to-be fixed feature on MyBloogle, our very own resident Dentist, Dr. Roam!

Dentists can be COOL too!

Lets face it, we are all guilty of neglecting our teeth, going for a corrective instead of preventive check up, subscribing to the age old adage of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. However, teeth are very important, lots of people judge others by their smiles etc. So in anticipation of that, we went out and found ourselves a columnist!

Henceforth, there shall be a regular column entitled “Cavity Search“, by the soon-to-be Dentistry graduate student Dr. Roam. In it, he shall discuss such issues as dental hygiene for the working professionals, how to diagnose yourself for certain common dental problems, as well as give advice to those who contact him seeking advice (Readers can post their questions here). Add to that mix the strange, bizarre, and humorous incidents he has had with patients so far (no names will be mentioned hence no breach of Doctor-Patient confidentiality); thereby defusing the claim that all Dentists are humorless drones, and harbingers of pain and suffering.

Also, feel free to reach him via twitter (here).

Our next addition is another one-of-a-kind advice column. In this day of equality, where men and women stand shoulder to shoulder bearing the responsibilities of the household, it is the tellings of a professional, young adult father, juggling the hassles of working, children and life in general, whilst keeping in stride. Find out how dad interacts with the children, and baby talk from the Y-Chrome-osome (still working on that deal, but it is definitely in the pipelines).

And as for myself, I shall continue to merge the world’s of blogging and writing; fusing them into a single amalgamation for your reading pleasure.

So, onward with 2012, and aspiring to new heights!

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